Your Brain on Pain

I have something extremely interesting to share with you that will blow you away!  I couldn’t believe it when I read it this week. I was reading a book called THE BRAIN’S WAY OF HEALING by Norman Doidge, M.D. last week where he was talking about a study done by a neuroplastician named Dr. Michael Merzinietch.

They discovered that when the body is dealing with acute pain that the brain only uses up to 5% of it’s space and power to process the information.  So when you are in acute pain the best one could have is 95% brain function. Terrible!

This is where it gets insane!

When you are in CHRONIC PAIN your brain uses up to 25% of it’s space and power dealing with that pain!  25%!!! That means that ¼th of your brain is WAISTED AND NOT FUNCTIONING PROPERLY!

Imagine buying a new home that was 3000 sq ft.  where 750 square feet is taken up by empty boxes!  Everywhere you went in the house 25% of the real estate you had purchased was wasted by the empty boxes. Talk about a waste

That is what chronic pain does to your brain.  The neurons that could be helping you remember what was on the grocery list, or learn a new ability, or focus at work are busy dealing with chronic pain affecting your brain.

Dealing with chronic pain is like sitting down to take a test at school knowing even if you get every single problem correct the BEST you could make is still just a 75!  Murphy Chiropractic’s goal with each adjustment is to help increase the capacity of your nervous system and get to the CAUSE of your pain so you body has it’s best chance to resolve it and start using your brain for more important things!

Imagine how much of our population is dealing with chronic pain that they discount as “NORMAL” or learned to live with it and are suffering the consequences of a “brain on pain”.
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