Whiplash Injuries - Gulfport Chiropractor

In our chiropractic practice in Gulfport and Biloxi, MS, we treat a lot of whiplash and car accident patients. Most of which do not always fully understand the severity of their injuries even in low impact collisions.

Studies have found that follow up X-rays taken on an average of over 6-7 years after injury in a patient without prior degenerative disc disease indicated that 39% actually developed degenerative disc disease not at only one level but one or more levels since whiplash injury. There was also an expected 6% increase of degenerative disc change over time following the 7 years. Therefore, it appeared that the whiplash injury that didn’t seem majority started the slow process of disc degeneration and decay over time.

In a similar study with follow up X-rays 7 years after whiplash injuries showed that if there was already preexisting degeneration in the disc 55% had new degenerative change at another level in the spine

This is so important to why we treat patients after whiplash injuries to try to prevent the degenerative process from happening so the body and spine can properly heal.

Each adjustment and therapy we do after injuries allows the spine and the body to help toward this goal of proper healing!

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