What "Makes sense"? Understand Chiropractic for What it Really is

What “Makes sense”?

Trainer: You’re 290lbs, if you sign up and follow my fitness and diet guide weekly
for a year, you will be well above your journey as long as you commit.

Client: Makes sense, lets do it.

Orthodontist: Your Child’s teeth are out of alignment and crooked, it will take at least two
years and $4500 to re-straighten your kids teeth out. Any Questions?

Patient: None at all, makes sense.

AA program advisor: You are an alcoholic and need help. I need you to come
to your meeting everyday through our twelve step program to achieve a better
life. This is ninety meetings over the next ninety days is the best way
although this is a lifetime of work

Person: Makes plenty sense

Chiropractor: Your life is extremely stressful and has been throughout
your life. Every objective and clinical finding is yelling that your
nervous system is yelling for rescue. The healing of the nervous system
takes more than one adjustment.

Patient: Doc, whatever. Can’t you just crack my body back into place?

The average person is around 43 years old before their first visit to a
chiropractor. Wow 43! Imagine waiting until you are 43 years of age to go
to the dentist or brush your teeth. You would have a huge mess on your palms.
It is very important to understand chiropractic for what it really is, Managing the
health of your nervous system and spine with regular care over the years is an amazing
thing that can be done for your health! What is more important your spine or teeth?
Both! don’t neglect either.