Most guys are doing these two things INCORRECTLY!

If you are a guy and you are reading this right now, odds are you are carrying a wallet. If you are a woman you are most likely married to a guy carrying a wallet and it probably looks like the one above.
Most guys have been carrying their wallet around like this since they were barely a teen so it just seems to be the normal. This however is a problem. Most guys are doing these two things INCORRECTLY!

1-Carrying too thick of a wallet: My saying is that if your wallet is stuffed full with cash then it’s alright but if it is stuffed full of other people’s business cards that you are never going to use (or could be kept in your phone) or with pictures that are worn and very old (or can be kept in your phone) or receipts (or that can be kept in your phone) then it’s just not okay.
2- Let’s talk about this. Carrying your wallet in your back pocket: The problem with this is when you sit down you are automatically unlevel at least to the degree that your wallet is think. Can you imagine sewing your wallet to the sole of your left shoe and walking around all day what would happen to your spine!
Stop sitting on the problem, making your low back pain worse, and move your wallet to the front pocket. It will only feel awkward for a couple days.
Each day, at Murphy Chiropractic Gulfport and Murphy Chiropractic Biloxi we see patients who are suffering from pelvic unleveling and low back pain in which this is a major factor. The structural chiropractic we utilize can help alleviate your back pain, pelvic pain, restless leg and sciatica but moving your wallet to the front can help keep the pain away and prevent it!
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