THE 90/10 PRINCIPLE #MurphyChiro #FunctionNotPain

There are over 420 million nerve tracks throughout every square inch of our bodies! That is over 45 miles of nerves in us! Actually, if you were to eliminate your fat, skin, bone, organs Hair etc, and the only thing left of you was your nervous system WE would still be able to recognize you.

Of all of those nerves in the body only 10% control PAIN… The other 90% of your nerves you have control FUNCTION.
It is extremely important that you understand what I am about to Say and share Spinal misalignments also known as (subluxations) smash and block nerves and reduce nerve energy and flow. If you understand the “90/10 principle” you know
understand that 90% of these subluxations affect the FUNCTION of your body which means you won’t feel it. Only 10% of the time will these spinal misalignments or subluxations cause PAIN.

The CRAZY thing about this is most people spend 90% of their energy focusing on only 10% of their nervous system. (i.e. No pain, no problem.) Most people ignore their nervous function until they start to notice a breakdown or symptom. (Migraine, Chest pain, Asthma, Infection, Headache, Cough, Allergies etc.)

When they notice symptoms arise most people are treated with Drugs with the goal of treating, masking, or relieving the SYMPTOM rather that addressing the decrease in function that CAUSED the symptom initially Stay focused on FUNCTION and don’t be distracted or mislead by only PAIN. Let’s spend 90% of our energy focused on the 100% of the nervous system functioning rather than 90% of our energy focusing on only the 10% that senses symptoms and pain